The Happy Planner vs. Passion Planner

Do you need assistance in finding the best name brand planner for yourself?


Disclaimer: Let me start off by saying this is in no way an article that is here to bash on a company. I truly have enjoyed both of these planners and I would like to provide some insight to individuals who may be in between the two as I was. With that being said, let’s get into the discussion!


First off,

If you do not know, I am a full time college student therefore, I have to plan every aspect of my life in order to maintain good mental health and academics. The Passion Planner was the first “name brand” planner I have ever encountered. Many of my fellow colleagues had recommended for me to invest in one due to its organization and the ease it provides to map out your future.



I purchased the Passion Planner earlier this year and it did not disappoint in anyway! The Passion planner provides ways for you to literally map out every milestone in your life. If you want to hit 1,000 subscribers on youtube in three months or graduate in the top 10% of your class by the time you graduate school, the Passion Planner is the perfect option for you! What have you started planning in your road map?



On to the next one,

The Happy Planner is definitely a girly girl’s guide to staying organized. I love all things decorative and the fact that it can be a tool for organization was even more of an incentive to purchase this planner. Although, the best part of the Happy Planner is that you can take out everything! Did you say everything? Yes, everything! By purchasing the Happy Planner you will not have to worry about buying another planner after the year goes by.


There are so many extra items that could be added to the Happy Planner that pop right into the binding. For instance, I have extra note paper, scheduling pads, a pencil pouch, and dividers that I can move around my planner at any time because everything is removable. The Happy Planner is the way to go if you are wanting a planner that you can depend on for the next two years or however long. You will never have to worry about purchasing a new planner again just because you want to freshen up your look. The Happy Planner provides it all for you! Is anyone else obsessed with planner sticker’s?

Let’s summarize,

The Passion Planner is extremely beneficial in stances where you would like to mark the milestones in your life to make sure you are on track with meeting your goals. On the flip side, the Happy Planner is all things decor and everything is removable so purchasing a planner once all the months run out would not be a worry of yours!


Either of these planners will help you with the main goal of a planner which is organization and time management; try them both. Decide if you like one or the other or maybe you will like both because these planners are that great. Take my advice I’ve experienced times of stress where I feel as though I need a pen and paper to mark everything down. Start today with getting your life on track and enjoy the ability to reflect on your mistakes and achievements.

Author: mylifewithglitter16

Hello, I am a lifestyle blogger who inspires others to live their life with glitter. There are many times where life can seem dull. I want to reverse those feelings and live life with experiences that brighten your life.

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