How to be Productive

Lets face it there is only twenty-four hours in a full day although there are so many times where I feel as though I need a lot more than that.


Lets face it there is only twenty-four hours in a full day although there are so many times where I feel as though I need a lot more than that. Have you ever been in your room or at school day dreaming about how you will have to cram all of your work? Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. I actually had that feeling today and usually most other days as well; thank you college. Pay close attention because I will share a couple of valuable items that can be very helpful in achieving a productive day.

First, let us examine what your typical work desk setup looks like. Is it neat? Are there any motivational quotes hung up right before you? Most importantly, do you have a planner with everything documented of what you have to do today? If not, no worries because that is why sticky notes are very essential to constructing your day.


The analyzation: on my work space I have two pieces of technology, a planner, and a object that grabs my attention. You may ask yourself why is an object that grabs my attention essential for me to be productive? Well because you need items that will instantly remind you of happy thoughts.

Whether you are a gamer, or a lover of anime, place something on your desk or on your wall that reminds you of positivity. If you are like me, being productive when you have so much to do in one day is not easy. Therefore, it is typical for individuals like us to feel so much negative energy. That being said, my reasoning for the small bouquet of flowers. Plus isn’t it pretty anyways?

Lets sum it all up,

Everything requires a system and that includes your work space. Write out your day with your planner (or sticky notes) detail by detail. Organize every aspect of your work space in order to remain productive while being positive. Fun fact: I have a candy jar on my desk which adds even more positivity to having a productive day because I know even though I am stressed by the amount of work I have to put in that day, at least there will be a piece of dark chocolate to cheer me up.

Do you have a unique work space setup or a way you like to write out your weeks? Let me know in the comments below. Plus, if you would like to see how I detail my weeks in my planner check out my youtube video linked below.

Author: mylifewithglitter16

Hello, I am a lifestyle blogger who inspires others to live their life with glitter. There are many times where life can seem dull. I want to reverse those feelings and live life with experiences that brighten your life.

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