How to be Confident

It is always difficult to love every aspect of yourself especially when there is so much negative energy in the world.


It is always difficult to love every aspect of yourself especially when there is so much negative energy in the world. Today is the day to worry no longer about negative people or expectations that are constantly being thrown in your way. In order for you to continue this beautiful journey that we call life first, you will need to learn to love everything about yourself.

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Let everyone know around you that you are accepting of all of your flaws because this is what it takes to be fully confident and comfortable in your own skin. Accept that you can not be perfect because lets be honest it is just not possible. If you need to, recreate your whole wardrobe to put a spin on your confidence and come to work/school the next day slaying those hallways. If you are nervous to give a speech because you may stumble upon a difficult word, own it. I bet multiple people in that room can not pronounce it either. People will not doubt you or be hesitant to trust you if they are able to sense that your are confident in what you represent.

So many of us worry too much constantly that we are here on this earth to be satisfying everyone else other than ourselves. Take time for you and learn more about your self whether that be through meditating, journaling, or watching an inspirational movie. Hangout with yourself for a whole day to reflect on how amazing of a person you are. Building up this self love will gradually grow your confidence and you will soon stop feeling that you can not be comfortable with who you are.

Being a woman is not an easy task because there are many things that we as women feel self conscious about. Whether it is our hair, odor, nails, we worry about every aspect because we want to people please. As a man I am sure that you are constantly being pressured into societies expectations: bread winner, height, etc. I learned that I could no longer keep pleasing everyone else and I finally had to start being different. By different I mean that I had to start being myself and by being myself I would come to realize how truly gifted I was in all aspects.

Final thoughts,

Separate yourself from society for one second and take the time to love on yourself. Ladies, come to love the way you look in the mirror and fellas, wear your ties and suits with your heads held high. Own up to who you are and walk in those shoes every day with no shame. If you’d like further inspiration on how to continue you growth with confidence watch my youtube video linked below.

Author: mylifewithglitter16

Hello, I am a lifestyle blogger who inspires others to live their life with glitter. There are many times where life can seem dull. I want to reverse those feelings and live life with experiences that brighten your life.

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  1. Being confident within yourself is no easy task, I’m happy you wrote about it in your blog. So far I am loving what I see. Keep up the great work.

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