Brunch With me.

Every Sunday there is a routine: wakeup, church, brunch, repeat.


Every Sunday there is a routine: wakeup, church, brunch, repeat. Brunch is filled with style from all different eras 80s, 90s, 00s. It all comes down to this day, Sunday, where all of us women and men take a lot of time to draft a fashion statement. I don’t know about you, but brunch is for the liberated fashionista’s  who want to serve some fierce style on a platter. I guess we can call it “Sunday’s Best Dressed” because it is definitely a show down to see who is coming to brunch on Sunday with glamour in their step.

Brunch is the time to showcase those neutral trending tones in the fashion world: nude, beige, light pink, white, grey, or black. I threw on a beige colored thigh length dress with a sort of diagonal patterned embroidery along with some nude open toed heels (toes were also nude). I paired this look with my everyday purse that just so happens to compliment neutral toned looks. My jewelry consisted of a gold and pearled choker necklace along with a pair of jeweled dangling earrings (hidden by my mane of hair).

My hair style compliments my look with the conservative aspect of covering my shoulders. Never want to be too exposed on a day for Sunday brunch save that for Tuesday (wink, wink). The floral accents of the nature in the background compliment my outfit so flawlessly with a delicate scenery. Of course, the green can reflect a bit of a pop of color to this photo to liven up the shot and bring some sunshine into my look. This head to toe fashion statement for brunch is featured in Mississippi at the Iron Horse Grill. I treated myself to a waffle dripped in syrup (shh don’t tell my imaginary trainer).

Author: mylifewithglitter16

Hello, I am a lifestyle blogger who inspires others to live their life with glitter. There are many times where life can seem dull. I want to reverse those feelings and live life with experiences that brighten your life.

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