Oh I am just Bloggin’

What’s a better shirt than one that explains what you love to do most in your spare time?


Typically I dress pretty casual on campus with a few statement pieces added in during the week. This previous weekend I walked through Forever21 and found the perfect shirt that pretty much explains what I enjoy doing in my spare time. All outfit details were purchased from Forever21 in this photo. My pants are a sort of white wash with a boyfriend jean style while my shoes are pointed slide on’s with a sleek comfortable look. My sun glasses are from Altar’d State and my monogrammed necklace was given by my father. I must say this outfit is perfect for a casual day on campus or even a light stroll in the park with friends. Either case keep bloggin’.

The Happy Planner vs. Passion Planner

Do you need assistance in finding the best name brand planner for yourself?

Disclaimer: Let me start off by saying this is in no way an article that is here to bash on a company. I truly have enjoyed both of these planners and I would like to provide some insight to individuals who may be in between the two as I was. With that being said, let’s get into the discussion!


First off,

If you do not know, I am a full time college student therefore, I have to plan every aspect of my life in order to maintain good mental health and academics. The Passion Planner was the first “name brand” planner I have ever encountered. Many of my fellow colleagues had recommended for me to invest in one due to its organization and the ease it provides to map out your future.



I purchased the Passion Planner earlier this year and it did not disappoint in anyway! The Passion planner provides ways for you to literally map out every milestone in your life. If you want to hit 1,000 subscribers on youtube in three months or graduate in the top 10% of your class by the time you graduate school, the Passion Planner is the perfect option for you! What have you started planning in your road map?



On to the next one,

The Happy Planner is definitely a girly girl’s guide to staying organized. I love all things decorative and the fact that it can be a tool for organization was even more of an incentive to purchase this planner. Although, the best part of the Happy Planner is that you can take out everything! Did you say everything? Yes, everything! By purchasing the Happy Planner you will not have to worry about buying another planner after the year goes by.


There are so many extra items that could be added to the Happy Planner that pop right into the binding. For instance, I have extra note paper, scheduling pads, a pencil pouch, and dividers that I can move around my planner at any time because everything is removable. The Happy Planner is the way to go if you are wanting a planner that you can depend on for the next two years or however long. You will never have to worry about purchasing a new planner again just because you want to freshen up your look. The Happy Planner provides it all for you! Is anyone else obsessed with planner sticker’s?

Let’s summarize,

The Passion Planner is extremely beneficial in stances where you would like to mark the milestones in your life to make sure you are on track with meeting your goals. On the flip side, the Happy Planner is all things decor and everything is removable so purchasing a planner once all the months run out would not be a worry of yours!


Either of these planners will help you with the main goal of a planner which is organization and time management; try them both. Decide if you like one or the other or maybe you will like both because these planners are that great. Take my advice I’ve experienced times of stress where I feel as though I need a pen and paper to mark everything down. Start today with getting your life on track and enjoy the ability to reflect on your mistakes and achievements.

How to be Productive

Lets face it there is only twenty-four hours in a full day although there are so many times where I feel as though I need a lot more than that.

Lets face it there is only twenty-four hours in a full day although there are so many times where I feel as though I need a lot more than that. Have you ever been in your room or at school day dreaming about how you will have to cram all of your work? Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. I actually had that feeling today and usually most other days as well; thank you college. Pay close attention because I will share a couple of valuable items that can be very helpful in achieving a productive day.

First, let us examine what your typical work desk setup looks like. Is it neat? Are there any motivational quotes hung up right before you? Most importantly, do you have a planner with everything documented of what you have to do today? If not, no worries because that is why sticky notes are very essential to constructing your day.


The analyzation: on my work space I have two pieces of technology, a planner, and a object that grabs my attention. You may ask yourself why is an object that grabs my attention essential for me to be productive? Well because you need items that will instantly remind you of happy thoughts.

Whether you are a gamer, or a lover of anime, place something on your desk or on your wall that reminds you of positivity. If you are like me, being productive when you have so much to do in one day is not easy. Therefore, it is typical for individuals like us to feel so much negative energy. That being said, my reasoning for the small bouquet of flowers. Plus isn’t it pretty anyways?

Lets sum it all up,

Everything requires a system and that includes your work space. Write out your day with your planner (or sticky notes) detail by detail. Organize every aspect of your work space in order to remain productive while being positive. Fun fact: I have a candy jar on my desk which adds even more positivity to having a productive day because I know even though I am stressed by the amount of work I have to put in that day, at least there will be a piece of dark chocolate to cheer me up.

Do you have a unique work space setup or a way you like to write out your weeks? Let me know in the comments below. Plus, if you would like to see how I detail my weeks in my planner check out my youtube video linked below.


How to be Confident

It is always difficult to love every aspect of yourself especially when there is so much negative energy in the world.

It is always difficult to love every aspect of yourself especially when there is so much negative energy in the world. Today is the day to worry no longer about negative people or expectations that are constantly being thrown in your way. In order for you to continue this beautiful journey that we call life first, you will need to learn to love everything about yourself.

Blog 2

Let everyone know around you that you are accepting of all of your flaws because this is what it takes to be fully confident and comfortable in your own skin. Accept that you can not be perfect because lets be honest it is just not possible. If you need to, recreate your whole wardrobe to put a spin on your confidence and come to work/school the next day slaying those hallways. If you are nervous to give a speech because you may stumble upon a difficult word, own it. I bet multiple people in that room can not pronounce it either. People will not doubt you or be hesitant to trust you if they are able to sense that your are confident in what you represent.

So many of us worry too much constantly that we are here on this earth to be satisfying everyone else other than ourselves. Take time for you and learn more about your self whether that be through meditating, journaling, or watching an inspirational movie. Hangout with yourself for a whole day to reflect on how amazing of a person you are. Building up this self love will gradually grow your confidence and you will soon stop feeling that you can not be comfortable with who you are.

Being a woman is not an easy task because there are many things that we as women feel self conscious about. Whether it is our hair, odor, nails, we worry about every aspect because we want to people please. As a man I am sure that you are constantly being pressured into societies expectations: bread winner, height, etc. I learned that I could no longer keep pleasing everyone else and I finally had to start being different. By different I mean that I had to start being myself and by being myself I would come to realize how truly gifted I was in all aspects.

Final thoughts,

Separate yourself from society for one second and take the time to love on yourself. Ladies, come to love the way you look in the mirror and fellas, wear your ties and suits with your heads held high. Own up to who you are and walk in those shoes every day with no shame. If you’d like further inspiration on how to continue you growth with confidence watch my youtube video linked below.


Brunch With me.

Every Sunday there is a routine: wakeup, church, brunch, repeat.

Every Sunday there is a routine: wakeup, church, brunch, repeat. Brunch is filled with style from all different eras 80s, 90s, 00s. It all comes down to this day, Sunday, where all of us women and men take a lot of time to draft a fashion statement. I don’t know about you, but brunch is for the liberated fashionista’s  who want to serve some fierce style on a platter. I guess we can call it “Sunday’s Best Dressed” because it is definitely a show down to see who is coming to brunch on Sunday with glamour in their step.

Brunch is the time to showcase those neutral trending tones in the fashion world: nude, beige, light pink, white, grey, or black. I threw on a beige colored thigh length dress with a sort of diagonal patterned embroidery along with some nude open toed heels (toes were also nude). I paired this look with my everyday purse that just so happens to compliment neutral toned looks. My jewelry consisted of a gold and pearled choker necklace along with a pair of jeweled dangling earrings (hidden by my mane of hair).

My hair style compliments my look with the conservative aspect of covering my shoulders. Never want to be too exposed on a day for Sunday brunch save that for Tuesday (wink, wink). The floral accents of the nature in the background compliment my outfit so flawlessly with a delicate scenery. Of course, the green can reflect a bit of a pop of color to this photo to liven up the shot and bring some sunshine into my look. This head to toe fashion statement for brunch is featured in Mississippi at the Iron Horse Grill. I treated myself to a waffle dripped in syrup (shh don’t tell my imaginary trainer).